Information regarding hosting events, workshop topics, etc.

Workshop Descriptions/Suggestions

We lead workshops on a wide variety of topics relating to music in the church today. We are open to any suggestions you may have, but the following workshop examples might give you some ideas:


Food Preferences

Are you hosting or billeting Cheryl and Bruce and you are wondering what to feed them? First of all, thank you for feeding them! And here are some thoughts:

  • For breakfast, Cheryl and Bruce like simple, low sugar foods best. Their favourite breakfast is old fashioned rolled or steel-cut oats (not minute oats or quick-cooking oats) with a bit of milk or soy milk and some fresh fruit if you have it. They bring their own loose tea to drink, so just need some hot water, and they don't drink juice often, so no need to buy any juice to have on hand.
  • For dinner, vegetables are very much appreciated! It is hard to eat well on the road, and vegetables can be the hardest thing to get enough of. Cheryl and Bruce prefer low-fat cooking if possible, and they eat meat or vegetarian, so are comfortable with whatever works best for you. Regarding drinks, they prefer cold water or tea as a beverage with their meal, and they bring their own loose tea, so only need hot water.

If you have further questions, please contact us.


Here is a list of our common needs for events. If there is something specific we need beyond this list, we will email you to let you know.


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