Workshop Descriptions/Suggestions

We lead workshops on a wide variety of topics relating to music in the church today. We are open to any suggestions you may have, but the following workshop examples might give you some ideas:

  • New Music for Worship–an interactive, energetic and prayerful session, singing in harmony, learning new songs in our repertoire
  • Music and Transformation–the role of music in congregational transformation
  • Singing a New Song–the historic role of new music in the changing church throughout the ages
  • Music of the Global Church–singing in solidarity with Christians around the world
  • Enlivening Your Church's Music–hints for helping your congregation to sing with spirit
  • Music and the Liturgy–the role music can play in the flow of worship
  • Creating New Music for Worship–helping people develop skills for writing new sacred music
  • Singing Your Way Through the Church Year–introducing new music for the upcoming seasons
  • Music and Meditation–exploring music as a vehicle for prayer
  • We also offer a workshop introducing people to drumming:
      The Heart of the Drum: Djembe Drumming for Congregational Singing–participants learn basic hand drum technique and simple accompaniment patterns in a drum circle format. A very satisfying and soul-filling experience for all! Host churches will generally need to provide/rent enough djembe drums for all participants (talk to us for suggestions regarding expected rental rates and store locations). Visit our drumming page for more information regarding drumming.

Photocopying of workshop handouts, etc., to be done by the host church from materials provided by us (if needed), or we will submit a bill if you prefer. We would also like to offer our recordings and books for sale at the workshop. Our fees depend on the scale of the event. Contact us for more information—we are always flexible and will work something out with you.

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