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Baingan Bharta/Eggplant Curry

Have you ever tried Baingan Bharta? Cheryl and I are crazy about eggplant/aubergine, and one of our favourite dishes is an eggplant curry. Here's roughly how we made our latest batch:


Masoor Daal/Red Lentil Curry

I had a hankering for daal yesterday (daal is a generic name for lentils and other pulses, often cooked with spices, etc.), and so Cheryl and I whipped up the following dish, loosely based on an internet recipe. I've been promising to try to write down some of my "try a pinch of this and a touch of that" approach to cooking so we can share it with others, and I think the following approximates what we did. Delicious, nutritious and fast (about 15-20 minutes work total)!


Taste of Singapore

Recently Cheryl and I visited Taste of Singapore, a small diner-style family-run restaurant near FutureShop on Scott Road in Surrey, BC. They had a wonderful buffet of veggie and non-veggie dishes, including an amazing daal and a lovely, spicy fried rice. They make an incredible chili paste which they brought us on the side, very spicy and complex, with shrimp paste as a principal ingredient. Everything highly recommended!

Manjula's Kitchen

As we've been exploring veggie cooking, one of our favourite sites is Manjula's Kitchen, a delightful source of recipies and videos demonstrating cooking techniques for various dishes, in particular food from the northwest of India. I've tried a few things off her site, and can recommend them all!

A Semi-Vegetarian Journey

As some of you already know, this past Fall I made the decision to eliminate factory-farm meat from my diet. If you have known me for a long time, this will likely surprise you, since I have a well-deserved reputation as an unabashed carnivore! I used to love eating a huge steak for dinner, forgoing any veggies or carbs, and then finish my meal with more steak for dessert!

My body has been changing, though in recent years (I know I'm not alone in this - it's called aging!), and as I've become more aware of my systems I've come to realize that less meat makes my body happier. Couple this with increasing awareness of the damage the commercial factory farm meat industry is doing to our planet, and I couldn't help but start seeking alternatives.

It wasn't until I started hanging out with Punjabi musician friends, friends who eat very well restricting themselves to veggies and dairy products, that I realized I had an alternative - when I share meals with them I don't miss meat at all. The North Indian vegetarian diet is rich enough and heavy enough to fill me without relying on meat. In fact, I can't handle the food with meat in it because it is too heavy!

And so I've been on this journey, and so far so good. I haven't missed meat very much. I'm still eating wild seafood, although I have increasing questions about the sustainability of that industry as well, and so am aware that I may need to change this as well. Cheryl and I are eating better than ever, and by now neither of us are missing meat very much at all!

Who would have thought?

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