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To Doubt or Not to Doubt - April 15

Caravaggio, The Incredulity of Thomas (1601)Doubting Thomas is one of my favourite characters in the gospels - he needed to "see it to believe it," and wasn't afraid to speak up. How many times have you had doubts and yet felt you had to bite your tongue? Here are some songs to help us on the journey this week, as we celebrate the Second Sunday of Easter:


Holy Week 2012

He Qi, Easter MorningOnce again we find ourselves journeying through Holy Week! Our website has been down for maintenance over the past days, so apologies for getting materials posted so late. If you are still planning worship for the Triduum, here are some songs, yours to use as you see fit in your worship community:

Maundy Thursday (April 5)

Good Friday (April 6)

Easter Sunday (April 8)


Fifth Sunday in Lent - March 25

Psalm 51 has been a musical source of inspiration to me for many years, apparently - I have at least five settings of various phrases from this text! Sunday morning we again share together in the opening section of the psalm, so here are three shorter songs for you to enjoy on your own or with your community:


Fourth Sunday in Lent - March 18

Here's a thankful refrain for Psalm 107, the psalm for Lent 4:


In the beginning - Songs for January 8

New Year's blessings, everyone! Here are some songs to help you celebrate on January 8:

  • In the beginning (pdf and midi) - a lively call-and-response song based on the opening verses of Genesis
  • Cry Glory! (pdf and midi) - a driving "zipper" song based on verses from Psalm 29.

Enjoy! We would appreciate it if you would ensure the full copyright credits are included on any copies you make, and if you have a license from www.licensingonline.org, please record any songs of ours which you use in worship to help support us in our music making. You can also make a donation anytime for the use of our music, as you see fit, by clicking on the Pay Now button on our MelodicArts sales page.

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